Wet and Soggy Yards

Are portions of your lawn like walking on a wet / muddy sponge? Are there areas of you yard that just never dry out and won't grow a healthy lawn? Drainage Masters has developed effective techniques for making your lawn and yard as useful and attractive as possible.

Wet and soggy lawns are a challenge! Drainage Masters can meet those challenges with strategic installations of french drains and if needed, installation of our exclusive 'layered yard' drainage system for the worst of cases.

Wet, soggy yards are common in the Pacific Northwest, the major factors contributing to soggy yards are the combination of abundant rain and predominately clay soils. The upper sod layer of the yard becomes super saturated because the amount of rainfall exceeds the rate of infiltration. Clay soils do absorb water, but at a very slow rate.

Other conditions that may be occurring in your yard are seeps or springs from slopes above. Shaded areas are also more difficult to maintain a healthy lawn.

Drainage Masters can improve any drainage circumstance with proven methods and quality installation. We install our projects to be effective and to last.>

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Before - soggy, ruts, muddy high

After - Low, firm neat and cleaner

Soggy clay, poor turf