Roof Drains

Roof drains, as defined by Drainage Masters, are the pipes that start at the downspout and convey water from the roof to some other location. Most houses and commercial buildings have roof drain systems. Some do not and the downspout may instead discharge roof runoff to a splash block or there may be no gutters to collect water at all. A well designed and functioning roof drain system is essential to the long term integrity of the structure and its surroundings. Malfunctioning roof drain systems can cause water to be concentrated or directed to areas that you don't want, like a crawl space or basement. Serious property damage can result from misdirected roof runoff.

Older pipe systems that fail may need cleaning, repair in damaged locations and sometimes complete replacement. Some roof drain systems go to dry wells or other infiltration systems. Dry wells and other systems that infiltrate water into the ground can have a variable life span depending on how they were originally constructed and how they are maintained. Failing dry wells can cause water to back up into and out of the roof drain system.

There is often more than one solution to a failed roof drain system. It could be a repair or a new roof drain system, disconnection of the roof drain system from the city storm or combined sewer system, routing to a rain barrel or larger rainwater harvesting system or to a rain garden.

Drainage Masters staff are experienced at finding the appropriate solution to your drainage problem and can offer you the widest range of approaches that solve your problem, fit your budget and offer additional benefits such as water reuse or attractive landscape.

If you are experiencing problems with you roof drain system Drainage Masters can investigate all or a portion of your roof drain system to determine the cause of the problem. We will then prepare a free estimate or estimates for alternative options. Sometimes the pipes just need cleaning. Drainage Masters can clean and check your entire roof drain system for a reasonable cost.

Roof drain installation

Roof drain installation