Retaining Walls

Drainage Masters can install beautiful and functional retaining walls to improve your landscape drainage issues. While Drainage Masters is primarily a drainage contractor and not a landscape contractor, we have developed the skill to install attractive retaining walls and other hardscapes such as flagstone patios, concrete paver and gravel walkways and other landscape features.

Many drainage solutions benefit from grading and retaining wall construction. Most of the retaining walls we install incorporate a french drain system. Retaining walls may be constructed of natural boulders or manufactured stone products. Regrading of sloping yards or widening existing level yard areas may require construction of a retaining wall. Our walls are constructed to maximize drainage, minimize erosion and assure proper soil retention.

Call Drainage Masters for an appointment. We can evaluate your drainage needs and provide you with an estimate for a functional and attractive solution to your drainage issues.

Call or e-mail Drainage Masters to arrange an appointment for a free evaluation and estimate.

Retaining wall with french drain

Cottage stone retaining wall

RR tie and rock retaining walls with drains

Retaining wall with french drain

Removed and replaced wall with french drain