French Drains

French drains are collectors of ground and surface water. French drains can take somewhat different forms but generally consist of a trench with a perforated drain pipe surrounded by a porous medium such as drain rock and filter fabric or sand. The width, depth, configuration and location are all determined by each unique drainage circumstance.

If your drainage problem is groundwater seepage from the slope behind the house, a soggy lawn, surface runoff from uphill, water in the crawl space, a small lake, you name it, Drainage Masters can install a french drain that will solve your drainage problem. Our french drains are designed and installed to last a long time and perform their functions for many years. If properly maintained and protected they will last for decades. If our french drain fails due to extreme conditions its design and installation allow for easier reconditioning.

Our french drains can also serve multiple functions and look nice too. A gravel path, a patio border, or a landscape accent can all be french drains in disguise.

Or, they can be more utilitarian, or hidden under the lawn or bark dust. Whatever the application, Drainage Masters can manage it.

French drains can sometimes be referred to by other names such as curtain drains or footing drains, each of which has its own subtleties. They are all french drains.

Call Drainage Masters for an appointment and a free estimate or a paid consultation if you want to do the work yourself but need professional guidance.

Our knowledgable staff can evaluate your problem quickly and recommend an effective solution and feasible alternative approaches. Our skilled Project Manager and crew will install your project quickly and with a minimum of disruption. We make every effort to restore your landscape as close to original condition as possible.

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Walk before

Walk with french drain

Walk with french drain

Retaining wall french drain

Impervious liner with french drain

Impervious liner with french drain and walk after

River rock french drain

Drain rock french drain