Wet and Damp Crawlspaces

If you have discovered water or suspect that there my be water or excess moisture in your crawl space, then call Drainage Masters for an appointment to examine the conditions in your crawl space. You will receive a timely and professional evaluation of the drainage conditions in your crawl space and a FREE ESTIMATE for any corrections that may be necessary.

Standing water and excessive moisture in the crawl space can result in several potential problems including mold, dry rot, warping of floors, soggy ductwork and settlement of structures. Crawl space, basement and other drainage issues can affect home sales.

Drainage Masters has developed effective crawl space drainage systems that are guaranteed to correct the problem and protect your home. Our crawl space drainage systems are designed to intercept any water intrusion and convey the water to an appropriate disposal system such as a low point drain or sump pump.

We prefer to utilize trouble free gravity flow systems to route the water out of the crawl space when feasible. Many homes already have low point drains installed.

Sometimes the low point drain is installed too high to effectively drain the crawl space. The improperly installed low point drain can be lowered or re-installed at the proper level. When a low point drain is not feasible, Drainage Masters installs quality sump pump systems and can include optional pump alarms and battery back-up pumps.

Call or e-mail Drainage Masters to arrange an appointment for a free evaluation and estimate.

Crawl space drain

Crawl space finished

Crawl space mold

Other Crawl Space Services

  • Install pump alarm
  • Install new sump pump
  • Install battery back-up pump
  • Install new low point drain
  • Remove and replace vapor barrier
  • Seal Seams of vapor barrier
  • Remove and replace damaged posts
  • Remove wood and other debris
  • Suspend ductwork
  • Repair insulation