Wet and Flooded Basements

Like all drainage problems each basement is unique. Does water come in through cracks in the wall? Is it seeping through the concrete itself? Is it coming from the seam at the floor slab or cracks in the floor? Each basement problem must be individually diagnosed.

Water entering basements can come from many possible sources, including but not limited to; broken rain drains, clogged drain systems, overflowing gutters, slope towards foundation, groundwater, and even rainwater hitting the wall of the house.

If you have water entering the basement, call Drainage Masters for an appointment. We will professionally evaluate your drainage problem. We can usually determine the source of the water and we can always find an effective solution to eliminate or control the problem.

Drainage Masters will first try to determine the source or cause of the water intrusion. We will then design an appropriate solution to the problem. If viable alternatives exist we will provide those as well.

The answer may be a deep foundation drain on the outside of the foundation wall. Sometimes the problem can be resolved closer to the surface with a shallower french drain and impervious liner system to capture and control runoff. Such a system can be an attractive landscape feature as well.

Outside footing drains can often be the most effective approach because they capture the water before it enters the basement. Outside drains can also be the most costly because of the difficulty of deep excavations, obstuctions and material costs.

If it is not feasible or cost effective to install an outside drainage system then a drainage solution inside the basement may be necessary. An inside drain system might be a perimeter french drain to capture water entering under the footing. In circumstances where the water is migrating or originating under the floor slab, the entire floor can be removed and a drainage system constructed under a new slab.

Drainage Masters can provide you with the most effective solutions at the most reasonable costs.

Call or e-mail management@drainagemasters.com Drainage Masters to arrange an appointment for a free evaluation and estimate.

Basement drain system

After floor drainage system installed

Basement drain system with pump

Basement Drain System